With our full management agreement we give you the full meal deal. Not only will you receive financial and administration, we will also attend monthly or quarterly meetings in person or through Skype. Please see list of full management duties If you would like to receive a quote for full management, please click here

 Full Management Agreement Duties 

Assist with Board Duties (Section 37 – The Act)

Quarterly Attendance at Condominium Board Meetings in person of via Skype

Minute taking and distribution

Minute Book Maintenance

Day-to-Day Owner Correspondence

AGM preparation, distribution and attendance (Section 30 – The Act)

Condominium By-law interpretation & enforcement (Section 32 – The Act)

By-law Sanctions (Section 35 & 36 – The Act)

Prepare draft condominium budget and resolution (Section 39 – The Act)

Assist with Condominium Reserve Fund (Section 38 – The Act)

Assist with Investments on board instruction (Section 43 – The Act)

Provide Information on Request (fees are charged) (Section 44 & 74 – The Act)

Provide Information to Mortgagee (Section 45 – The Act)

Response to owner complaints and suggestions

Owner, tenant and parking registers

Trade and Service Registers

Repair and Maintenance Register

Project Notices

Major printing/copying (at cost)

Maintenance of Condominium Corporation plans and records Assist with newsletters

Emergency service phone number

Maintain Inspection Reports

Service quotes and contracts

Service quality control

Repair / maintenance quotes

Invoice examination, approval and payment

Monthly financial statements with arrears list

Monthly year-to-date statement with budget comparison

Monthly trial balance, general ledger and balance sheet

Monthly fee collection and notices

Delinquent legal steps (Sections 39, 40, 41 and 42 – The Act)

Arrange condominium Insurance (Section 47 – The Act)

Provide condominium Insurance Information (Section 48 – The Act)

Report Insurance Claims to condominium’s Insurance Adjuster

Assist with Tenant Matters (Sections 53, 54, 55, 56 and 57 – The Act)

Separate Bank Accounts

Issue Estoppel Certificates (a fee will be charged) per Section 44 – The Act

Provide records for Annual Audit

Prepare Form 8 (The Act – Regulations)

Duties – Full Management – Exclusions

Lawsuit or Court Appearances

Engineering, Construction, Legal and Investment Advice

New Home Warranty Disputes

Long Distance Calls