Put the calculator down!

With a side of admin

All the same accounting and admin features that our full management corporations, Including collecting arrears and paying invoices. We will keep track of your registers and files through the portal



You will be given the same advice we use every day for our full management corporations. We will help you execute whatever items you have on your agenda. We have solutions for everything

Buying Power

Buy like the big boys!

You’ll be included on all our major bids lists and receive the same treatment as any other Connelly client. Some small buildings find it hard to find services with out management, We’ve got your back.

Portal Tools

Bridge The Gap


With our new portal tools the gap between full and partial closes a bit! You’ll be given access to our calendar preloaded with all the important dates, template docs and a plan of attack for the new condominium act

The Grandview:

Has several on site staff who work security and do maintenance

Rosewood Estates:

Has a  hands on board and an amazing on site manager!

Partial Management

From 600$Per Month
  • Partial + Portal and Online Tools
  • Collection of Condo Fees and Arrears
  • Invoice Examination & Payment
  • Assist with Reserve Fund
  • Provide Record for Yearly Audit
  • Prepare and Attend AGM
  • Telephone / Chat / Email on any Issue
  • 24 / 7 Emergency Line
  • Included in our major bid lists
  • Bylaw Sanctions, Interpretations and Enforcement
  • File Legal Documentation
  • Issue Estoppel Certificates and Documents
  • Mail Outs and Email Mail Outs (At Cost)
  • Provide Information On Request (At Cost)
  • Maintain Registers
  • Aquire Insurance on Behalf of the Corp

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