We understand that marijuana in condominiums is a prevalent issue right now. In Canada there is no right to smoke, but there have been a lot of conversations and articles lately because of the changing laws on the horizon with regards to the decriminalization of marijuana.

How can you prove that a person is smoking in their unit?

All high rise buildings have pressurization units (fire prevention) that apply air pressure in the hallways and on the doors of each suite. Air, in effect, is pushed to the exterior of the suite (unit). How can anyone smell smoke if the make-up air system is operating properly?

Short answer is, you can’t.  What happens within a suite (unit) is up to the owner to manage themselves.  Even if you were to gain access via legal means to their space, and sit in their living room, waiting for them to light up, the likelihood that you would catch them is slim.  Gaining such proof would be costly and difficult, which is something to keep in mind when managing these moments.

Here’s what you can do.

Co-operation is the key to working with those who choose to smoke. Reminding them that within indoor spaces, and public spaces have been smoke free since 2008, this includes within 5 metres of doors, windows and intakes.  This means they need to be respectful of those limits.

As for marijuana, we are in a place where nearly anyone can get a license and access to it for medical reasons.  How they choose imbibe is up to them, but if they are choosing to smoke it, they still have to respect bylaws/laws already in place.

Until there are firm laws in place, respect and co-operation is still the best way to move forward.  We will continue to watch this as it develops, and if there are specific concerns that we can help address, do not hesitate to reach out.