We hope everyone has a great, relaxing and safe Family Day Weekend!
While we may finally get a break from the extreme cold temperatures it looks as though we can expect up to 20 cms of snow over the next few days.
Our crews are on standby by and plan to have hand crews out early tomorrow morning for the first visit of what will be many over the coming days. This looks like it will be a continuous snow fall so sites will be covered after our visits Friday and Saturday. We will be on sites all weekend as  the snow falls and are prepared to return Sunday and Monday for removals and or clean ups.

Plow trucks will be dispatched on Friday as soon as triggers are reached and will continue to work around the clock. Our operators will ensure to pile as much snow as possible in designated areas.  Given the volume of snow forecasted we may have to reach out to you regarding moving piles and or hauling.
The Team at Bugaboo Landscaping is ready for whatever mother nature has in
store for us and will be doing what it takes to keep sites safe.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or
We appreciate your business!
Bugaboo Landscaping LTD

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