Legislation Requirements

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Connelly & Company adheres to the guidelines set in the Condominium Act of Alberta: Assist with Board Duties (Section 37 – The Act) AGM preparation, distribution and attendance (Section 30 – The Act) By-law [...]

Working with Staff Members

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We are eager and looking forward to working with Board of Directors, caretaker supervisor and any other trades that the Board of Directors prefers working with and always in a professional and timely manner. [...]


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All trades working for Connelly & Company are required to carry WCB, Insurance and registered with the Province of Alberta as a business. WCB Clearance would be obtained from any contractor working on site [...]


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We have worked with McLeod & Company Law for many years. They have specialists on staff that deal with Condominium Law and have been very helpful in collection, by law enforcement and consultation, Special [...]


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We are currently not aware of any conflict with a third party provider, however if it should arise we would make the Board of Directors aware of any conflict at our earliest convenience. [...]

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