Evaluation of Proposals2019-06-24T17:35:56-06:00

If you should require a meeting with Connelly & Company we can arrange to do so. We have already selected a property manager who is familiar with large amenity rich apartments  and we would like to introduce him to you throughout the review process.

Other Issues2019-06-24T17:35:14-06:00

We look forward to dealing with any issues that may arise and with our over 100 years of experience between our 7 property managers we consult with each other on any item that may arise that requires further consultation.

Staff Requirements2019-06-24T17:16:31-06:00

We have staff members that specifically deal with employees of the Condominium Corporation for the purpose of UI, CPP, Canadian Income Tax, Benefits, Employer Contributions and any Tax Legislation.


In our 38 years of business we have been responsible for negotiating agreements with staff members and 3rd party trades in order to function and operate under the direction of the Board of Directors and the By Laws of the Condominium Corporation.

What is a special resolution?2019-06-24T07:24:05-06:00

A motion passed at an annual or special general meeting, or by written resolution, to make an important change like the removal or addition of a bylaw. Requires approval of at least 75% of people entitled to vote and representing at least 75% of total unit factors.

What is a disclosure statement?2019-06-22T16:19:05-06:00

A disclosure statement is.a document that provides pertinent details about the condominium during a sale. usually its made up of the following information:

  • the purchase agreement
  • the bylaws or proposed bylaws
  • any management agreement or proposedmanagement agreement
  • any recreational agreement or proposedrecreational agreement
  • the lease, if the land on which the unit is located isleased
  • any mortgage or proposed mortgage that may a ectthe title of the unit
  • the condominium plan or proposed condominiumplan
  • the phased development disclosure statement if theunit is in a phased development
  • reserve fund information if the development is aconversion
    1. Purchase agreements

      You should consult with your lawyer before you sign apurchase agreement with the developer.

      A purchase agreement must contain:

      • A noti cation of the purchaser’s cancellation rights

        on the front or rst page of the purchase agreement,

      • The amount or estimated amount of unit

        contributions, based on a reasonable economic

        basis, and

      • The unit factor of the unit and the method

        of determining unit factors for all units in the condominium plan.

        If the unit or the common property is not completed when the purchase agreement is made, the agreement must also include a description, drawing, or photograph of:

      • The interior nishing and all major improvements

        to the common property in a building and to all

        property of the corporation;

      • The exterior fishing of the building;
What is a Reserve Fund Study?2019-06-22T16:07:42-06:00

The Reserve Fund Study assists the Condominium Corporation in determining the contributions to be made to the capital reserve fund in order to meet future repair and replacement expenses. A Reserve Fund Study is an important tool that should be utilized by Property Managers and the Board of Directors to maintain and enhance the major common property assets of the Condominium Corporation. The Reserve Fund Study provides a multi-year funding plan for major capital expenditures.

What are post tension cables?2019-06-22T15:50:00-06:00

in the 1970’s and 80’s it was was very common for buildings to be built with post tension cables. Post-tensioning involves reinforcing concrete using high-strength steel strands. The steel strands are commonly called ‘tendons’. It is used in a wide range of concrete structures including:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Parkades
  • Bridges

It allows construction of structures that would otherwise be impossible.

Contractors need to locate post-tension cables when repairing structures. It is important to avoid hitting the cables when cutting or drilling for renovation. These cables have very high tension and cutting them can also compromise the structure’s integrity.

These need to be tested on a regular basis. There are multiple ways to have them tested both destructive and non destructive

What’s a zone valve?2019-06-20T22:59:51-06:00

A zone valve is a specific type of valve used to control the flow of water or steam in a hydronic heating or cooling system. In the interest of improving efficiency and occupant comfort, such systems are commonly divided up into multiple zones.

Zone valves can be tricky some times and cause issues for owners. You should consult your bylaws to find out who’s responsibility these are.

What does a property manager do for my building?2019-06-18T06:17:31-06:00

We are here to take care of day to day tasks on behalf of your condominium corporation, Since the board is all made up of volunteers who have full time jobs they can’t take on all the tasks that are put upon them. We also collect condo fees, set the the budget, pay invoices and a lot more.

See also:

Role of Property Manager

How do I get my documents?2019-06-18T05:30:02-06:00

Most of your documents are provided for free through the portal. If you need an owner occupancy, disclosure letter or estoppel, you’ll need to head over to docs.connellymanagement.com

How do I pay my condo fees?2019-06-18T05:28:00-06:00

You can set up your condo fees on the page if you’d like! http://www.connellymanagement.com/contact-us/#form

Who is the board?2019-06-18T05:24:24-06:00

The board is made up of volunteers who live on site. They apply at the Annual General Meeting each year.

How do you decide my condo fees?2019-06-18T05:22:52-06:00

We don’t! Your board decides your fees, We will provide your board with a suggested budget for them to review and they come back and let us know what they want to do. All the decisions are made by your board.

Who’s responsibility are keys?2019-06-17T20:22:56-06:00

For the most part, keys to the front door of your unit is the owners responsibility, as is the mail box key. Canada post does not supply keys to your mail box if you are in an apartment. For that, you would need a lock smith.

We usually suggest Mobile Locksmith for keys – (403) 899-8324

I’m locked out of my unit!2019-06-17T20:25:58-06:00

It happens to the best of us! however, there will be a charge back for this or you can arrange payment with the lock smith directly. We usually suggest Mobile Locksmith – (403) 899-8324

I dropped my keys down the elevator shaft….2019-06-16T21:23:39-06:00

No problem! you’d be surprised how often this happens. However, your board will probably require us to charge this back to you. If you have a spare, we would suggest waiting until regular business hours.

What about security issues?2019-06-15T03:12:20-06:00

Depending on the security issue:

If you feel that you are in danger always call the police.

If there has been a break in please call the police first, then us.

What if I have a flood?2019-06-18T20:18:27-06:00

If you’re experiencing a flood please call us right away. If you’re flood is due to plumbing, please shut your main water valve off if applicable to you.

We will get technicians to you right away

Do I call if I have a clogged sink?2019-06-15T02:33:19-06:00

No, if you have slow or standing water please wait until the next business day. There may be a charge back depending on your bylaws.

If water is backing up, please call us.

What if the garage door won’t open?2019-06-15T02:25:42-06:00

Please check that is not your remote before giving us a call. If you can, check with other owners. If it still won’t open, give us a call!

What if I have a water leak?2019-06-18T20:19:30-06:00

If the leak is containable with a bucket, please try and wait till the next business day. If it is not give us a call.

Do we call if there is a fire?2019-06-15T02:21:03-06:00

If there Is a fire in your building, Please call 911 first. Then call us. Once the fire department arrives, give them our 24/7  information. We will be on site to secure the building if need be

Condominium Property Act2019-06-12T02:49:15-06:00