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I have been associated with Connelly Management for 12 or 13 years now always interfacing with Al or Marty as the President of our Condominium Corporation. The experience has obviously been exceptional and I attribute this successful relationship to the excellent rapport that has existed between their management and staff to help us significantly in the day to day operation of of our condo corporation. The attention to detail has been exceptional and when we needed help they always came through with flying colours.

They have provided excellent investment advice over the years in taking care of our growing Reserve fund balance and have always worked closely with our Treasurer to attract the best possible returns in the extremely low interest environment we have had to deal with over the tenure of our contract with them and our investments have never been at risk during our relationship.

We have used their services extensively in the placing of our annual insurance placement and they have never let us down in attracting best premium rates for our complex. We also rely on their services extensively in the recruitment of Reserve Study engineering firms, property assessment specialists and contractor recommendations for snow removal/ landscaping and many other service providers.

Connelly Management has always been available on short notice to consult on any problems we have encountered with Board administration and other general condominium issues which we have encountered over the years. Their wealth of experience and honest, straightforward advice has helped us immensely in conducting the day to day business activities needed to make for a successful condo corporation.

Fred Prior Christie Point Condos Marty November 22, 2017

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