At Connelly & Company we strive to be the leading edge for property management companies in Calgary


 We now have the capability for Webex meetings in our office. All of our property managers are able to host and attend meetings online. We are also able to bring in board members who may be out of town or live out side of the city or whatever reason can’t be in the meeting in person. Talk to your manager today about getting Webex set up for your building.


all of our property managers are equipped with iPhones, iPads and laptops. This ensures our managers have access to all your files even when they are onsite at another building. All of our managers office phones go directly to their phones if they are not in the office.

Intercoms & FOBS – We have the capability with most intercom and FOB systems to program these devices from our office. This save the board time and money


With Eblast we can email the entire ownership for free. We are able to see who opened the email and where. This saves your building time and money as we do not charge for this service.

Partial +

Partial + is our new partial management web based software. The software give our boards the tools to run their building. Connelly & Company is the only property management companies in Calgary with a product like partial plus



The number one thing in this industry is good communication. We pride our selves in having as many different options for our clients to reach us, their board and pay fees.

All of our property managers and staff can be reached by phone or email during regular business hours. As well as our 24 hour emergency service. Contact Us

We also have forms on our site under “owners” where owners can update their contact information as well as report a non emergency.