Al Connelly
Al Connelly Owner / CEO / T shirt designer
Al Connelly has been the operator of the company for over 30 years. Since then he has become the leader we always looked up to and ent to for any sticky customers, bylaw infractions, utility questions or insurance questions. Not only that he was quick at making decisions and was always open to listne to input
Colleen Connelly
Colleen ConnellyOwner
Colleen has been retired for some time now however, she still helps out in a lot of ways. She has always been a voice of reason and understanding in this company. She has been there since day one and this company wouldn’t be where it is today with her and she knows how to throw a party!
Marty Connelly
Marty ConnellyGeneral Manager / Sales
Marty Connelly started at Connelly doing deliveries for the buildings about 20 years ago. He started managing properties about five years later and quickly became one of the leading property managers in the company. Today Marty is the general manager of Connelly & Company and has implemented some great changes!
Chris Connelly
Chris ConnellyProperty Manager / Web Dev / Sales
Chris Connelly started working at the company doing deliveries as well. In 2008 he started managing properties. Chris has handled a lot of the partial management buildings and started focussing on the website and marketing for the company. Today he started the Connelly portal system and is excited to advance technology in the industry.
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