Our Story

Connelly & Company Management LTD provides property management services in Calgary, Alberta. The company was formed in October 1980 as a family company, and remains a family company to this day.

Al and Colleen started from the humble beginnings of owning a single building. Each evening, the two would go to their building to turn on garden hoses to water new sod. Slowly but surely, the company grew into the reliable and condominium management company it is today.

Today, Connelly & Company manages around 130 buildings of all types and sizes. We have managed any building imaginable, from 4-unit townhomes to 200-unit high rise towers. We have managed property throughout Alberta, including Calgary, Strathmore, High River, and Cochrane. We have even managed property in Maui, Hawaii.

We employ 8 managers and 8 support staff, and are known for our exceptional service. With nearly 40 years of experience under our belt, Connelly & Company is proud to manage some of Calgary’s premier condominiums. 

As our company moves forward, we plan to bring condo management into the 21st century. Through intuitive and easy to understand web portals, and through new and exciting products, we offer the best service for our clients.

Marty & Al Connelly
Connelly & Company Management Ltd

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