In 2017 we were approached by a friend of the company who, at the time was working with excel air (a company who we have had a great working relationship for over 30 years) He had come up with an idea that would change the heating industry for ever. He needed to test this system in a working environment. We spoke to a few boards and found a great match! See the note below from Jaeson, creator of Clean O2 carbon capture system

“In early January 2017, we installed our first commercial scale prototype at a condominium complex here in Calgary with our friends at Connelly Property Management. The unit had issues as you would expect from any prototype or first version, but it was a success in that the initial data indicated value in its operation by converting hydroxides into carbonates and recovering heat. Since then, we’ve adapted, modified and course corrected (and continue to do so) with our technology and are now on version 3.2, with plans to release 3.3 in 2019. We are happy to finally announce that the first prototype has been retired as of today and is being replaced with the latest 3.2 at the Garrison Woods Condo Association over the next few weeks. The new unit will undergo several days of tests here at our facility to ensure we deliver a quality CARBiNX unit for our customers. Thanks to Connelly Property Management and the Garrison Woods Condo Association for supporting us and helping us change the heating industry by demonstrating the value in decentralized carbon capture.”

About Clean O2

CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies is set to change the heating industry. In 2007 the founders of CleanO2 CCT began developing technology that would have a positive impact in the industry they have collectively been involved in for over 20 years. Now, 9 years later, we have deployed the worlds first residential carbon capture device in Alberta Canada and are looking to expand our technology on a global scale.

We are based in Calgary and have partnered with Excelair Mechanical Services to aid in our research and development of our technology.