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The partial management agreement is our basic contract for condominium management. We will assist the board in collection of condominium fees and the administration. We will assist the condominium board in selecting trades and you will be added to our major bid list for all trades and insurance.  If you would like to receive a proposal for our partial contract please click here



  • Collection of condominium fees
  • Follow up on fees in arrears
  • Invoice payments
  • Banking and investment of Reserve
  • Prepare Yearly Audit
  • Assist in budgeting Process
  • Monthly Statements


  • Attend introductory board meeting.
  • Attend Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Budget Meeting


  • Connelly would be available to supply telephone and Skype support to Board on any issue
  • Your project would be included in our 24 hour emergency call line
  • Connelly will supply you with a list of tradesmen and contractors for various services.
  • Connelly will include your project on major bid lists such as landscaping, snow removal, window cleaning, insurance and parkade cleaning. (when requested)


  • Connelly will help secure condominium insurance for the Corporation
  • Connelly will file legal documents i.e. Form 9, caveats, withdrawal of caveats, Small Claims if necessary
  • Assist in by-law enforcement
  • Mail outs
  • Connelly will issue estoppel certificates and documents requested by lawyers, real estate agents ect.

Duties -Partial Management – Board Member Duties

  • Day to day decisions regarding the operation of the project will be made by the Board via email or meetings when necessary
  • The condominium Board will deal directly with tradesmen using the list supplied by Connelly & Company.  The Board will deal with day to day trouble calls and maintenance calls.  The condominium Board will provide Connelly & Company with a board contact and one alternate

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